Three Easy Ways To Maintain Your Car's Roof Basket

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Three Easy Ways To Maintain Your Car's Roof Basket

14 May 2020
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A roof basket is one of the most popular attachments on any vehicle. From its use on recreational camping trips to its presence on professional vehicles that just need a bit more space to store tools, the humble roof basket is found in nearly every type of transport you will encounter on the road. If you have a roof basket, you might think your obligation to it ends once you set it up the first time but if you don't want it to prematurely age too quickly, then there are a couple of simple steps you can take to keep it looking great and fully functional for years to come. 

Replace Screws 

The anchor points to the vehicle are the only way your roof basket can carry so much weight, and it is crucial that they are kept in the most pristine standard possible. Every year or so, you should do a routine check of the screws or other connection points. Take special notice when unscrewing your roof basket from the body of the car. If a screw feels weak or loose, don't put it back in. Having a supply of spare screws in your garage is an easy and helpful way to stay on top of this problem.

Sand Down Rust

Rust is not a death sentence when it comes to your roof basket. If you notice a particularly rusty area, then the simple method to attack it before it spreads is to sand down the affected area. If you have a sandblaster, this is a great time to use it, but otherwise regular, fine grain sandpaper will do. Then simply reapply a protective layer of paint, and your roof basket will look as good as new. Remember, rust is not just bad for the structural integrity of your roof basket but also for the items it comes into contact with stored in your roof basket. 

Wash and Dry Off

After every long-distance journey, you should spend a few minutes making sure your roof basket is clean and ready for storage. Dirt, grit, rocks and bacteria can all be just sitting on the surface of your roof basket, looking for a way to penetrate the surface. The longer they stay up there, the more likely they are to find a way in and cause severe damage. The easiest way to remove them? A quick spray with a hose at the end of your trip and perhaps a more thorough clean every six months with some regular detergent. That's all it takes to keep your roof basket looking great for years, so there is no excuse!