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Howdy! On my amazing new blog, you will be able to read articles which contain all of my top auto tips. I'm no expert, but over the past couple of years, I have spent a very long time learning everything I can about the world of automobiles. I was inspired to set out on my quest when I purchased my first car. I wanted to make sure that I knew everything I needed to know about maintaining and improving my vehicle. I have made good friends with the workers in my local auto garage and this has helped me to learn lots of cool things.


Four Ways Truck Wheel Alignment Helps Keep You Safe

7 April 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Truck wheel alignment is a crucial service for maintaining safety and maximising the life of your truck's tires. Many truck drivers overlook wheel alignment, however, because they don't fully understand its benefits. Truck wheel alignment refers to the positioning of the front wheels so they are set at the proper angle in relation to each other and to the road. This ensures that all four tires are making full contact with the road so your truck can roll more smoothly and safely. Read More …

3 Ways You Can Tell That Your Auto Clutch Needs Repair

19 July 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

The clutch is a crucial part of your vehicle. It separates the engine from the wheels. Without it, you wouldn't be able to shift gears when driving. Since the clutch is a mechanical component of your car, it might suffer occasional wear and tear. It would be wise to consider taking your vehicle to a professional auto mechanic as soon as you start suspecting that you might have clutch problems. Here are three ways to tell that your clutch is failing and needs repairs. Read More …

Car Maintenance And Repair Tips For New Owners

7 December 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Most new car owners will often be afraid of car repairs. It is especially so if you have not had an encounter with cars in the past. Below are some car maintenance and repair tips for new car owners. Be Cautious When Choosing A Mechanic It is probably the easiest way to ensure that your vehicle lasts a lifetime. An experienced mechanic will conduct regular diagnostics to detect your vehicle's problems. Read More …

A Guide On High-Risk Work Licences In Australia

26 August 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

A high-risk work licence allows you to work at heights and operate dangerous equipment such as cranes and forklifts. Below is a comprehensive guide on high-risk work licences in Australia.  Getting Your Licence  Regarding the automotive industry, high-risk work licences are a requirement for people that operate heavy construction equipment such as forklifts, mobile cranes, excavators and wrecking balls. To qualify for this licence, you must be at least 18 years of age. Read More …

How to choose the right mechanic for you and your vehicle

24 July 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

No matter how new or reliable your car is, sooner or later you will need the services of a mechanic. Proper maintenance is vital to ensuring that your car runs as smoothly as possible, so how do you go about finding a local mechanic? 1. Specialisms Firstly, make sure you choose a mechanic who has the knowledge and experience to work on your particular vehicle. Most repairs will be the same for any kind of car, but as technology increases, different types of car can need very different types of repair. Read More …