3 Ways You Can Tell That Your Auto Clutch Needs Repair

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3 Ways You Can Tell That Your Auto Clutch Needs Repair

19 July 2021
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The clutch is a crucial part of your vehicle. It separates the engine from the wheels. Without it, you wouldn't be able to shift gears when driving. Since the clutch is a mechanical component of your car, it might suffer occasional wear and tear. It would be wise to consider taking your vehicle to a professional auto mechanic as soon as you start suspecting that you might have clutch problems. Here are three ways to tell that your clutch is failing and needs repairs. 

When Your Vehicle Has Weak Acceleration

Weak acceleration is the first indicator that you have a damaged clutch in need of repairs. A vehicle with a healthy transmission system accelerates well when you shift from one gear to another. Typically, acceleration will become a problem when the clutch plate wears out. In this case, the friction between the clutch and the other materials leads to loss of engine power and other complications when you try to accelerate or slow down the vehicle.

When the Gears Start Grinding

Grinding gears are another common indication that you have issues with your vehicle's clutch. The gears shouldn't grind each time you shift. Instead, they should smoothly move and allow you to shift. Grinding could be when the driver presses the clutch down. However, if it happens every time that you try to change gears, there is a chance that your clutch is worn out and needs repairs. You should also check whether the grinding is accompanied by excessive vibrations when you shift gears. 

Loose or Sticky Clutch Pedal

Another indicator that your clutch is damaged and needing repairs is when the clutch pedal is consistently sticky or loose. Your clutch should offer some resistance when you step on it. If you step on it and it offers no resistance, consider the possibility that you have a worn-out clutch plate that needs repairs. On the other hand, a sticky clutch takes longer than usual to shift when you press it down. Both problems indicate that your clutch and the entire gear-shifting system are damaged and in need of repairs. 

You may also notice squeaking, screeching and squealing each time you shift. These are indicators of problems that you need to get a competent auto mechanic to handle.

Take your vehicle to a trained auto mechanic as soon as you notice the above signs of clutch failure. Timely diagnosis and repair help promote your safety on the road. It also prolongs the life and service of your vehicle. Contact an auto repair service to learn more.