Four Ways Truck Wheel Alignment Helps Keep You Safe

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Four Ways Truck Wheel Alignment Helps Keep You Safe

7 April 2022
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Truck wheel alignment is a crucial service for maintaining safety and maximising the life of your truck's tires. Many truck drivers overlook wheel alignment, however, because they don't fully understand its benefits.

Truck wheel alignment refers to the positioning of the front wheels so they are set at the proper angle in relation to each other and to the road. This ensures that all four tires are making full contact with the road so your truck can roll more smoothly and safely. However, if your front wheels aren't aligned properly, it can negatively impact your truck's performance and safety.

Here's how truck wheel alignment helps you stay safe:

1. Truck Wheel Alignment Helps With Fuel Efficiency

When all four wheels are rolling smoothly across the road, it takes less energy to keep them moving forward — and this means better fuel efficiency. Your truck gets better mileage when all four tires are making full contact with the road because there is less friction that must be overcome. This saves you money on fuel costs as well as keeps brake wear at a minimum. Keeping your brakes in good condition helps keep you safe.

2. Truck Wheel Alignment Helps You Control Your Truck Better

Wheel misalignment can make it difficult for you to control your vehicle in certain situations. If you have to swerve or make an emergency manoeuvre, your tires might not respond the way they would if they were properly aligned. You may find yourself swerving into other lanes or even going off the roadway entirely.

3. Truck Wheel Alignment Keeps Your Truck Straight 

Truck wheel alignment is important because it keeps the truck driving in a straight line. If the wheels are aligned incorrectly, drivers must compensate by turning the steering wheel in order to keep driving straight. This can be difficult and can make it difficult to control the truck while driving. A truck that is not aligned properly can also be dangerous because the driver must compensate for the misaligned wheels.

4. Truck Wheel Alignment Keeps Your Steering Tight

Wheel alignment keeps the tires pointing in the right direction and ensures that they roll straight and true. But when it's off, steering can get sloppy, shocks and ball joints can wear out prematurely and tires will wear unevenly. Wobbly steering makes it more difficult for you to keep control of the vehicle, and this can lead to accidents on the road.

Driving a truck is already potentially hazardous enough without having to worry about what happens if your wheels are misaligned. It's important that all drivers get their trucks aligned at least once per year, especially those who spend a lot of time on the roadways. Contact a member of the team about truck wheel alignment today.