Why Truck Wheel Alignments Are Absolutely Essential for Your Owner-Driver Trucking Business

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Why Truck Wheel Alignments Are Absolutely Essential for Your Owner-Driver Trucking Business

4 March 2020
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If you earn a living working as a truck owner-driver, there are benefits and drawbacks that come with the job. On the positive side, you enjoy the perks that come with being your own boss. You get to work and relax when you want, make profits and build a business empire you can pass on to your future generations. 

On the downside, running an owner-driver trucking business places the responsibility of keeping the vehicle in top working shape squarely on your shoulders, meaning you'll need to stay ahead of all vehicle maintenance and repair needs yourself.

In the course of daily driving, road obstacles such as potholes, speed bumps, sewer grates, railway tracks and kerbs can cause the angles of your truck's wheels to move away from the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. When this happens, you'll need to get your vehicle's wheels checked for alignment and adjusted accordingly. Your truck wheels may also need to be re-aligned if they get out of whack after an accident.

There are several reasons why maintaining proper truck wheel alignment is important. Read along to discover some top benefits of driving a truck with correctly aligned wheels. 

Increases the Truck's Drivability and Safety

One of the most common signs of misaligned wheels is that they tend to steer the vehicle off the road. Usually, the vehicle may pull to the left or right, making it difficult for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. Bad alignment can also cause steering wheel vibrations, which can make your ride quite uncomfortable. 

Improper truck wheel alignment not only affects the drivability of your vehicle but also its safety. A vehicle is only as safe as its drivability performance. If you're having trouble keeping your truck on the road, be sure to get your wheels checked for alignment.

Causes Early Tyre Wear

When your truck wheels slip out of alignment, your tyres are one of the components that will suffer the most damage. The tyres on misaligned wheels wear faster than they should because they're subjected to increased rolling resistance.

Quality truck tyres don't come by cheaply. If you want to extend the life of your tyres, maintain proper wheel alignment at all times.

Hurts Fuel Economy

If you continue to ride on incorrectly aligned tyres, you're likely to notice an increase in your truck's fuel consumption. Wheel misalignment causes your engine to work harder to keep rolling on the road. This is because contact between the tyres and the surface of the road isn't optimal. 

Getting your wheel alignment checked will help to get your engine running smoothly again, thus keeping fuel consumption at a minimum.

If you experience signs of truck wheel alignment problems, you should have your vehicle checked by an auto tyre and wheels specialist. This will go a long way in preventing vehicle breakdowns that may make you lose money.