Why Your Refrigerated Food Delivery Partner Should Be Equally as Sophisticated as You

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Why Your Refrigerated Food Delivery Partner Should Be Equally as Sophisticated as You

12 December 2019
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If you run one or more facilities in the restaurant industry, you have to ensure that you look after the food, make sure that it gets from its source to your kitchen as efficiently as possible and is in perfect condition throughout. After all, you have a duty of care to your patrons, strict regulations to comply with and a reputation to uphold, so if you fall down in any one of these areas, you will be in big trouble. With this in mind, you have to choose partners who can help you to hit all those targets without any question and this is particularly important when it comes to food transportation. What type of support should you be looking for in terms of refrigerated delivery?

Dealing with Challenges

In short, the more sophisticated your operation, the more sophisticated your partner must be. For example, if you have a food catering service as part of your operation, then you may need to prepare and serve the food at a remote, temporary location. You will also need to ensure that your food is top-notch here and just as well presented as your permanent location, but there are extra hurdles to overcome along the way.

Standby Systems

In this case, you will need to ensure that your delivery partner has a vehicle that can keep all of the food in perfect condition, no matter how long it may take for it to be offloaded. After all, the vehicle may be stationary for a period of time while the venue is prepared and there could be other delays that are outside the control of the vendor. Each van will need to have a standby refrigeration system in place to deal with any eventuality.

Proof of Operation

You should also insist on feedback from the deliverer to prove that your sensitive goods were handled perfectly at all times. Ask for printouts to prove the on-board temperature from the time that the goods were picked up to the time that they were delivered to your facility. You will be able to compare these with the dated and timed manifests so that if any problems did arise, you would have immediate recourse.

Making Your Choice

When you choose your transportation partner, make sure that they have a reputation that is equally as good as yours. They'll ensure that your perishable goods are delivered to all of your locations, whether temporary or permanent, without any issues at all. Before you make your ultimate decision, compare and contact various refrigerated delivery services.