Why a Career Behind the Wheel Might be Your Next Step in Retail

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Why a Career Behind the Wheel Might be Your Next Step in Retail

26 November 2019
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There is no doubt that the shape of the retail industry is changing, and quite quickly at that. Indeed, you may be able to attest to this phenomenon on a personal level if you've recently lost your job. For many people, this can be a catastrophe and they may not know what to do. However, for every door that closes, another one may open, and you may be able to find a different opportunity in the same sector. What could this involve?

Shifting Focus

If people are not visiting a high street shop as much as they used to in the past, this does not mean that they have stopped buying altogether, of course. Instead, they are choosing to buy their goods from an online distributor and are getting it delivered to the door by a courier. This side of the industry is therefore flourishing, and you may be able to get a job in the distribution sector linked to the retail industry. All you may need to start off with is your car licence and you can move up from there.

Different Paths

There are many different opportunities here. For example, you could choose to drive a larger truck from the main distribution centre to a regional warehouse. Alternatively, you could drive a small truck from that warehouse to the customer, but in either case, you will need to get the appropriate licence for that vehicle.

Types of Licence

Certainly, you may be able to drive a small van on your ordinary car licence anyway, but if you're going to take full advantage of this opportunity and earn higher wages, then you will need a light rigid licence. Once you have this type of licence, then you can gain some experience and even apply for a heavier licence. In this case, you may be able to transfer all of these goods from city to city or across the continent instead.

Getting the Licence

Before you can get a truck licence, however, you will need to get a specific health check and pass a certain number of tests. This process will be a little more onerous than your ordinary car licence, but if you apply yourself and get some tuition along the way, you will certainly stand a good chance of success.

Into First Gear

Get in touch with a driver training school to get the process in motion. They will tell you what you need to do, let you know how many lessons you will need to take and provide you with all the information you may need to restart your career.