Are Hard Tonneau Ute Covers More Secure?

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Are Hard Tonneau Ute Covers More Secure?

21 November 2019
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When you start researching tonneau covers for your ute, you'll have to choose between soft and hard products. While both products cover the things you carry in your tray, they have different levels of security.

If you carry valuable tools or equipment in your ute, then a hard cover comes with enhanced security that could be useful. Why are hard covers more secure?

Hard Covers Resist Damage Better

While soft tonneau covers give you some protection, they aren't enough to deter a break-in to your ute tray. These covers are made from pliable materials like vinyl and plastic.

So, if someone wants to get at your stuff, all they need is a sharp knife. They can cut through these covers relatively easily and quickly. They then have access to whatever you've stored under the cover. A thief could access your stuff and steal some of it in minutes.

Hard covers are usually made from solid and rigid materials like fibreglass or aluminium. These materials are hard to cut open without making a lot of noise and taking a lot of time. They are too much work to appeal to a thief who wants quick access and a quick getaway.

Hard Covers Can Lock

Soft tonneau covers don't lock. They simply attach to your ute via cords, buttons or ropes. While this makes them easy to use, it also increases the risk that someone gets into your ute tray. Anyone can take the cover off if they have a little time and space.

You can buy hard tonneau covers that come with locks. These locks sometimes just work at the closing end of the cover. Or, if you have a sliding product, they can be set up to lock the cover at any point in the closing process.

Any lock makes a tonneau cover more secure. The contents of your ute tray become less attractive if they are locked away.

Plus, you can buy covers that have hidden locks. This adds a level of security that regular locks don't give you. The more time it takes a thief to work out how to get under your cover, the less likely they are to want to try.

To find out more about hard tonneau covers, talk to ute accessory suppliers. They can talk you through the benefits and show you examples of covers and locking options that will keep your stuff secure.