Top Tips When Buying a New Car

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Top Tips When Buying a New Car

7 November 2019
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Are you looking for a new car? Most people have a difficult time choosing and buying a new car. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations to make when purchasing a new car.

Intended Use

How will you use the vehicle? A motorsport enthusiast may require a vehicle to take around the track. As such, he or she may be interested in the turbo capabilities, the engine capacity, the braking systems and the vehicle's accelerating power. On the other hand, a working mother will need a car she can use to ferry her kids to school as she goes to work. Therefore, she will be interested in the vehicle's sitting capacity, legroom and luxury amenities such as a sunroof and heated seats.


Research on the durability of various models. Social media and car blogs can be a vital source of this information. Inquire about the following:

  1. What problems is the vehicle likely to develop? This will keep you prepared for potential problems.
  2. Does the manufacturer provide customer support services? For instance, you may require to repair the vehicle or purchase spare parts.
  3. What are the vehicle's maintenance costs? You may want to avoid cars that are expensive to maintain.


Modern vehicles incorporate various technologies to increase the driver's safety and comfort. For instance, a lane departure warning system will warn you when you are about to leave your lane. On the other hand, brake assist technology increases the braking pressure during emergencies. Some SUVs come with rock crawling technology that assists the driver when climbing rocks. They also have a hill descent control that aids the driver when driving through sharp descents.  

You may also be interested in the vehicle's safety ratings. It may be hard to survive a crash if the car has low safety ratings.


Buy a car that is within your budget, and purchase the vehicle from a reputable dealership. Inquire about after-sale services. For instance, some dealers will give you one year of free service. Inquire about guarantees and warranties. For example, you should get free repairs if the vehicle develops chronic engine problems. Remember to factor in extra costs such as insurance. Always ask for a discount.

If you intend to purchase a vehicle at discounted rates, you could wait until the release of a new model. During this period, most dealers are in a hurry to clear old stock to make space for the new model. 

With the above tips, you will have an easy time buying your new car. Consider the vehicle's intended use, manufacturer, technology and pricing.

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